Sustainable Family Wealth Summit

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May 19th - June 30th, 2020

Tuesday Evenings

Over the last 20+ years, this Summit has always been offered in partnership with a prestigious university at costs ranging from $895 to $1,995. Due to the COVID-19 crisis in the world, we are bringing this Summit to you virtually and at NO COST to anyone that has a desire to enhance their financial literacy. This program is designed for families with significant assets. The average student that has attended this class in the past has 5 million+ in net-worth/money-in-motion. With that being said, the principals of this program are applicable to any level of wealth. We strongly encourage those that feel at a disadvantage or intimidated by the financial industry to attend.

    "It's not about how much money you make. The question is, are you educated enough to KEEP it?" —Shaquille O'Neal

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    ​​​​​—Your financial picture is complex and you want greater understanding and control.


    ​​​​​—You feel at a disadvantage when dealing with financial professionals managing your wealth.


    ​​​​​—Your wealth is transitioning from one generation to the next.

    ​​​​​—You have inherited or about to inherit a large sum of family wealth.

    ​​​​​—You want to involve your spouse and/or other family members in managing your wealth.

    ​​​​​—You have achieved financial success through business.

    ​​​​​—You have experienced a liquidity event such as inheritance, divorce, stock options, lottery winner, or a business sale.

    ​​​​​—As an Agent, Manager, Attorney, Forensic Accountant, or CPA; You have a client experiencing ANY of these events.






    Walter Clarke brings a unique skill set as the host and lead instructor of this Summit. Walter spent 18 years as a financial educator teaching at many prestigious universities, including UC Berkeley, UCLA, ASU, DePaul, TCU, UNLV, University of San Diego, UC Santa Cruz, UC Davis and Tecnológico de Monterrey.  He has spent most of his career researching and studying the keys to a sound investment process. He is also the author of the upcoming book 7 Mistakes Millionaires Make.


    This Summit will deliver the key elements that affluent families need to know and will be shared in a way anyone can understand and follow. ​Walter started his own investment firm in 2003. He has learned valuable information from guiding others as well as his own first-hand experience.


    He learned that even he could be a victim of “The Dumb Tax”. In 2013, he paid a $10,000,000 Dumb Tax and lost his firm—the consequence of reliance on others without a full understanding of the issues and risk associated with a transaction.


    He is committed to communicating and teaching the many lessons he and others have learned in the quest for happiness—keeping wealth without losing oneself or the people they care about.








    Build a Sustainable Wealth Process:

    Live Expert Talks and Presentations 


    We'll bring you top experts to provide the equational experience without the sales pitch. If you have more questions about financial direction & products than you do answers, this educational resource is for you. This important content helps you to better understand the process and the fees associated with investment advice. Best of all, the material is delivering in a non-financial language for anyone of wealth to understand.


    Just because someone created their wealth within another industry doesn’t mean they automatically understand the complex financial industry. Therefore, we start out basic and move through the material in a manner that is easy to understand and to follow.



    May 19th - June 30th, 2020

    7 Week ONLINE Program Every Tuesday Night With an Additional Bonus Week: "KIDS & MONEY"

    4pm PST | 6pm CST | 7pm EST

    Each Session is Approximately 3 Hours


     May 19th - June 30th, 2020 

    Week 1: May 19th— Basic Introduction to Behavior, Goal Planning and Returns of Various Asset Classes 
    Week 2: May 26th— Building Your Asset Allocation
    Week 3: June 2nd— Manager Selection
    Week 4: June 9th— Monitor, Policy, & Process For Hiring Professionals
    Week 5: June 16th— Women & Money
    Week 6: June 23rd— Advanced Estate Planning

    Week 7: June 30th, 2020— Bonus Week: Kids & Money


    Live Broadcast Online from a Studio in Scottsdale, AZ



    Week 1

    TUESDAY MAY 19th, 2020

     4pm PST | 6pm CST | 7pm EST



      We begin the program with an overview of what to expect from the program. We are aware that financial education is often frustrating for wealthy families because the industry talks in a language that is difficult to understand. In contrast, we lay out the important issues in a non-threatening way. The class will have live Q & A to provide immediate answers to questions from the comfort of your own home. Additionally, we will have case studies and exercises to help bring home the material.


      The goal of this first session is to set forth the basics of the class and establish the learning system, so you are not intimidated by the material.Ultimately, we want each participant to walk away with a better understanding of their situation, which then provided them greater control.


      We will spend the second half of Class 1 discussing how goal setting generally doesn't work. People set out to do things that they want to do...but often end up somewhere else. The good news is that once people discover what gets in their way, they are free to start creating a new outcome. 


      We will also introduce the concept of the "Wealth Wheel" and what it means to you. In the last hour, we go through a basic discussion of capital markets and the various returns that can be expected from different types of investments. We will include discussion on the current state of affairs during this COVID-19 crisis and why the markets are doing what they do. Understanding the key components of markets will help to control emotions during turbulent times. The specific topics of Week 1 are listed below:


      Investment Experience

      Behavioral Finance

      Why Goal Setting is Flawed for Most People

      Create Your Vision

      Dealing with the Current Crisis


      Behavioral Finance

      Human Cycle of Emotions and Investing

      Tulip Mania


      Escalation Bias

      Anchoring Mean Reversion


      Investing Basics 

      Wealth Management Process

      Building Sustainable Income

      Inflation and Retirement Trend

      Establishing Hierarchy of Priorities


      Market Returns


      Fixed Income / Bonds

      Stocks, Other Consideration




      Summary of Week 1

    Week 2

    TUESDAY MAY 26th, 2020

     4pm PST | 6pm CST | 7pm EST




      The main goal of Week 2 is to discuss risk/reward in a way that is easy to understand. The math of this section can get a bit complex; however, I will present it in a usable manner. Some of the key takeaways are about how risk affects the preservation of long term-family wealth. We then move into the asset allocation discussion and exploration of the importance of this single decision. We bring along the academic research on the various asset classes, how they mix together, and why.


      When putting all these pieces together, we see what really matters and has an impact on future returns. Do different allocations matter and is one better than the next? Does one financial firm have an edge over another? What happens when parts of the allocation are performing poorly? We discover that losing money is never a good thing and controlling portfolio declines during distribution is more important. The specific topics of Week 2 are listed below:


      Risk Tolerance

      Determining Your Tolerance for Risk

      What is Risk?

      Relationship Between Risk and Return 

      Risk Questionnaire

      Types of Risk (Specific vs. Industry vs. Market) 

      History of Risk

      Risk of Different Asset Classes


      Asset Allocation

      Modern Portfolio Theory



      What is Asset Allocation

      Why is Asset Allocation Important?

      Optimal Portfolio

      Strategic vs. Tactical Allocation

      Reduction of Risk Over Time?

      Monte Carlo Simulation

      Several Examples of Different Investors’ Situations 

      Does Monte Carlo Really Work?


      Summary of Week 2

    Week 3

    TUESDAY JUNE 2nd, 2020

     4pm PST | 6pm CST | 7pm EST




      Week 3 is packed with incredible content. After establishing your allocation in Week 2, the next step is manager selection, followed by the right product. By the sheer number of choices, this process can be overwhelming, but we break it down in the order that matters.


      We also debate the hotly contested topic of active vs. passive managers and what the data says. During the day, we walk through the process of manager selection and provide online tools that can help discover these manager gems. W leave students to decide for themselves what is right for themselves. With that said, we draw the parallel between the number of investment decisions and performance. We also introduce simplicity and what's called rules-based investing, which takes the emotions out of the process. The specific topics of Week 3 are listed below:



      Investment Expenses 

      The Investor

      Current Situation 

      Specific Risks

      Different Methods of Investing

      Hierarchy of Priorities

      Individual Securities


      Ease on Management






      Mutual Funds

      Closed v.s. Open Ended Funds

      Separate Account Managers






      Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)


      Ease of Management


      Manager Selection

      Active vs. Passive Management

      Market Timing


      Examples of Beta



      Beta Rules



      Sharpe Ratio

      Alternative Investment Products and Methods


      Variable Annuities

      Life Insurance

      Hedge Funds

      Private Equity


      Real Estate



      Summary of Week 3

    Week 4

    TUESDAY JUNE 9th, 2020

     4pm PST | 6pm CST | 7pm EST




      As we begin to complete the investment process, we further debate active and passive investment and if and how they fit into the portfolio. how to control costs and taxes are the two main takeaways.


      We discuss how to invest if you have a lump sum. Additionally, we dedicate a great deal of time to discussing how to hire the right financial advisor, what you should look for, what questions to ask, and what separates them from one another. We will have a panel of investment advisors to answer questions about their businesses. We will discuss investment policy—what it is and why it is important to consider. 


      Lastly, we will ask the question of what family monitoring systems are in place. Monitoring systems are the single most important took that a family can have. "What can't be measured can't be managed." This is the great flaw for most people. We break down family accounting and describe why this is a super important—yet often a missing piece for most people. The specific topics of Week 4 are listed below:


      Investment Professionals

      Investment Managers vs. Investment Advisors

      Active vs. Passive Management

      Manager Evaluation

      Where do Managers Add Value?

      Investment Selection

      Market Timing

      Sector Analysis

      Security Selection

      Qualitative Analysis

      Manager ID

      Eight P's of Manager Selection

      What Should I Pay for Investment Advice?



      Lump-Sum Investing

      Dollar Cost Averaging

      When is the Right Time to Invest During This Crisis?

      Investment Policy Investment Professionals

      Achieving Your Goals – A Checklist of Advisor Services

      Sample Questions in Your Search for Investment Advisors 

      Stages of Service

      Other Members of Your Team

      Assembling Your Management Team

      Performance Monitoring

      What is an IPS?

      Why is it Important to Develop an IPS

      Who’s Responsible?

      7 Elements of a Well-Constructed IPS


      Summary of Week 4 

    Week 5

    TUESDAY JUNE 16th, 2020

     4pm PST | 6pm CST | 7pm EST




      Letitia Frye, the dynamic "auctiontainer" will be our keynote speaker talking about the importance of discovering your self value and inner wealth before being able to obtain and retain financial success. Ms. Frye is now a motivational speaker and published author of her book NO RESERVE, and believes that her passion for others is the secret to success in work and life.


      We understand one of the biggest issues with our clients is the spouse (usually the woman) doesn't understand what is going on, and money unfortunately is proven to be the number one cause in divorce. So we decided to hit it head on and are bringing in experts that will be discussing tips on how to keep your relationship healthy and a super divorce attorney for if things go awry. 


      We also have an estate planning attorney who is an award-winning attorney, best selling author, a nationwide speaker about women and money, and a fearless cheerleader for her clients' success.

      A Your money—your hard work—is a legacy. With the proper planning and forethought, your money can continue to work for your family and community for years to come.


      Estate planning might seem daunting, but believe me, it is much more difficult for others to fulfill your wishes if you don't invest the time to plan ahead. Allow us to break down the terms and their implications. This day affects your spouse, your children, and your future wishes. The specific topics of Week 5 are listed below:


      Women & Money

      Raw Stories from Women

      Couples Workshop

      How to be prepared for divorce

      Estate Planning for Women

      Keynote speaker: Letitia Frye


      Summary of Week 5

    Week 6

    TUESDAY JUNE 23rd, 2020

     4pm PST | 6pm CST | 7pm EST




      This week we explore advanced concepts and techniques to efficiently transfer wealth to heirs.


      What is important, and often lost with families, is the primary concern of wealth protection. First is the protection of income on behalf of the wealth creator. Second is the transfer to children/heirs. It is also important to consider whether or not kids and heirs will get direct access to the money or an income stream.


      As kids age, there are many issues to consider: divorce, addiction, etc. Nobody likes to think that these issues could happen to their children, but it's sadly a fact of life. How will the plan function under these situations? Setting up trust structures that restrict access and effective tools are key to thwarting the opportunistic third parties. We will also discuss the use of outside trustees in the planning process and what advantages they provide. The specific topics of Week 6 are listed below:


      Advanced Estate Planning

      Property in Estate Planning

      Forms of Property Ownership and Their Uses in Estate Planning

      Types of Properties Included in the Estate


      Marriage Considerations in Estate Planning

      Community Property: Estate Planning Concepts 

      The Marital Deduction: Marital and Non-Marital Trusts in Estate Planning

      Wealth Creation and Wealth Preservation

      Key Planning Concepts

      Wealth Creation and Preservation Analysis

      Summary of Benefits

      Gifting Strategies

      Giving—The Tax Advantages

      CRT Consideration

      Life Insurance

      How to Structure During Your Lifetime



      Summary of Week 6

    • Week 7

      TUESDAY JUNE 30th, 2020

       4pm PST | 6pm CST | 7pm EST


      KIDS & MONEY


      Guest Speaker and Moderator:

      John Soforic, the Best Selling Author from The Wealthy Gardener will be interviewing a College Panel.


      Take advantage of the bonus to dive a little deeper into some valuable content on this extra day. A financial discussion is simply incomplete if it doesn’t include the subject of children and family. We love our families, and they’re usually the most important part of our lives.



      But, of course, our families are replete with different personalities, high emotions, and often competing needs. Because there are so many moving parts in a family dynamic, it’s critical to develop and implement a clear game plan about money, wealth creation, and wealth management. 


      Educating your children about finances may also help you if you struggle with money or your relationship with money is unhealthy.



      Think back to your first “official” part-time job and the money you earned from it. Do any financial lessons you knew at that time come to mind? Probably not! If you were in the dark about money when you were your child’s age, don’t let him or her suffer the same fate. Prepare your children for a rich life—in all senses of the word—by educating them very early on. The specific topics of Week 7 are listed below:


      Kids & Money

      Conversation Outline to Have with Your Kids of All Ages

      Teaching Your Kids how to Endure Through Struggles

      How to Avoid Being an ATM for Your Kids

      Avoid "Bubble-Wrapping" Your Kids

      Association with Money

      Early Adoption of Financial Literacy

      Learn the Five Faces of a Dollar


      Summary of Weeks 1-7



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    “My career took off and I discovered more and more hands in my pockets. Getting educated about the key areas was critical to controlling my financial outcome. This program provided that solution.”


    Actor, Comedian, Filmaker

    Los Angeles, California


    “As a southern California Real Estate Investor and Tech Executive at Activision, I found it difficult to get advice and education on my situation from the investment community. Direct Real Estate oversight wasn’t within their world.  It was not an area that my current investment advisor had any expertise and yet represented a significant percentage of my net-worth. It happened to be a large part of mine. This class provided the integration and guidance I was looking for.”

    K.W. & C.W.

    Real Estate Investor, Tech Executive- Activision

    Beverly Hills, California


    I'm a serial entrepreneur in San Francisco, so I thought I understood risk/reward. This class taught me a valuable insight that once you acquire wealth; the goal is to never lose it.“



    San Francisco, California


    “Navigating the sale of a large family business that I understood was challenging. Getting educated at Walter’s financial class was the first step in protecting my family from financial missteps that I knew I could make without the proper knowledge.”


    Business Owner

    Mexico City, Mexico


    “As an industry insider, this course helped me realize I was too close to the information. The class provided a completely different and valuable insight I had overlooked.”

    The late K.S.

    Investment Banker Finance

    San Francisco, California


    “I was grateful to be an early employee of Google. What that meant, though, was that there was no shortage of people that wanted to sell me stuff. I knew I needed to get educated. This class started that journey that has been ongoing. They showed me behind the curtain.”


    Computer Engineer and Entrepreneur

    San Francisco, California


    “I retired and went to this class at the beginning of ‘08. I learned the importance of a rules-based approach to investing that was very different than the advice-driven approach that I was used to. I can say that I stayed the course based on this education through the financial crisis and continued as the markets recovered. I have discovered that 95% of what I read from the media is noise and has no effect on my investment philosophy which continues to be rules-based. It’s low cost and extremely effective at controlling my emotions.”


    Retired Business Owner

    Chicago, Illinois


    “Married to my husband for many years I took for granted our financial health. That was until one day I woke up and most of it was gone due to being over-leveraged in real estate in Malibu, California. This experience changed the way I view risk and being aware and educated. It’s taught me that my financial outcome is in my hands. I needed to take responsibility. This class was part of that empowerment process for me, as I never want to experience that pain again.”


    Real Estate Investor

    Malibu, California


    If you have any of these questions, take the course.


    What questions should I ask before making ANY investment?


    What is my actual net-worth?


    What are my retirement needs?


    How do I manager agents, managers, advisors and their fees?


    How do I transfer wealth to generations?


    Will my estate have to pay taxes after I die?


    What are the elements of a sound estate plan strategy?


    How do I manage sudden money and properly diversify?


    How do I determine my long term financial goals?


    When should I start saving for my child's college education?


    How can I ensure that my business will survive the transition into the next generation?


    How should I take distributions from my retirement plan?


    How can I maximize my tax benefit from charitable contributions?


    How can I prepare my heirs for inheriting wealth?


    Does a trust protect property from creditors? 


    How can I avoid the most-frequent money-losing mistakes?



    The answers to these questions vary from case to case. If you would like to set up a 1-on-1 call with the Instructor, please e-mail to set up a time to get your questions answered before, during and after the course.

    This is not a solicitation. "Sustainable Family Wealth Summit" is not a brokerage firm, and we do not sell any investment products. 

    The "Sustainable Family Wealth Summit" course is solely intended to be an educational resource.

    • Scottsdale, AZ & LIVE Broadcast Online



    The Sustainable Family Wealth Summit is the biggest of its kind anywhere in the world. It is hosted by Walter Clarke, who sets out to PERSONALLY Educate You, To Help You Become Confident In Knowing Your Financial Situation So You Can Confidently Navigate ANY Scenario.

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